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At Element Chiropractic Wellness, we dedicate our lives to providing what your body needs for reducing stress and increasing health. The science and art of chiropractic focuses on improving the ability of the body to work by strengthening the spine. This is because the spine not only is the foundation of structure of our body, but what lives inside our spine is the lifeline between our brain and our body—the spinal cord.

Sometimes we have trauma or stress to the body that causes the vertebrae to shift from their optimal form and function. When this happens, we call this a SUBLUXATION. These subluxations can not only interrupt normal nerve flow, but can also weakens the overall spinal structure.

When our structure (i.e. spine) is weak, it puts stress and strain on the delicate nerve tissues and have a negative effect on our health. At Element Chiropractic Wellness, we specialize in detecting these subluxations, correcting them, and strengthening the structure in order to relieve stress, and allow the body to do what it does best: HEAL!

Looking at the Whole Person

One of the reasons why people come to a chiropractor is because we don’t just look at one area of the problem but instead consider the body as a whole. Dr. Zhu can help you get results that other people do not because they look at parts or symptoms and not the whole.

Our Techniques
Chiropractic Technique at Element Chiropractic WellnessWe combine the two most well researched and well respected chiropractic techniques, the Gonstead system and Chiropractic Biophysics, to provide a synergistic approach to improving the body’s overall function

Prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care are also available at the practice. Moms-to-be can experience a healthier pregnancy and an easier labor and delivery with chiropractic. Children also can benefit from chiropractic as it allows them to get the best start at a healthier future.

Helping You Feel Comfortable
Because adjustments only work when an individual is relaxed, if you are not at ease we are not going to try anything that could put you in a state of stress. Dr. Zhu will go with the pace of your body and your comfort level. She likes to reassure her patients that you do not have to hear popping and cracking sounds to facilitate motion and restore function.

If you are ready to experience greater function and mobility with chiropractic, contact us today to schedule an appointment.



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