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Dr. Zhu started with a dream of creating a health oasis in her native Bay Area for people who are seeking a way to experience better health and vitality through chiropractic.  We strive to bring unparalleled service, care, and results for our patients using state of the art equipment and time-tested techniques.

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Our vision is to be the premier family wellness chiropractic office in Santa Clara, CA. To do so, we pledge to continually expand our loving services through honing our skills and knowledge and passing valuable information to our patient community. 

Using Time-Tested Techniques

We specialize in the Gonstead technique for precise adjustments.  We find that the more accurate the adjustments are, the less intervention is necessary over time to deliver the best results.  Gonstead is gentle enough for all ages from birth to seniors. 

We are certified in the Webster technique for our pregnant mothers.  Webster is known for easing the strain of a fast-growing baby, and reduces in-utero constraint.  This makes the pregnancy and birthing process more comfortable for mother and baby.

We incorporate structural rehab when needed and use Chiropractic Biophysics. It is best known for restoring the normal curvature that can be lost through poor posture and/or previous trauma.  

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Taking a Unique Approach

Although we primarily use the Gonstead Technique in our office, we find that incorporating adjunct soft tissue and ligament techniques help support the adjustments and allow the person to experience more long-lasting results.  


We curate a custom plan for each patient based on their personal needs.

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What People Are Saying

Super friendly and encouraging staff and effective treatment. I came here after my back started to hurt.  The entire team is very professional and guided me through my journey.  Highly recommend!

Alli Z.

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