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Importance of Finding Ways for Moms to Unwind with more "Me Time"

Mothers day, a day where we can spoil all our mothers. A day where they can have all the time to themselves. A day where they are the star. However, this is only one day out of the year. Mothers need more than just a day to themselves. They need "me time" to get away from all the hustle and bustles back at home. It can be easy for mothers to forget to take a "me time" from time to time. We all understand a mothers work is never done. Here are a few ideas for mothers to find "me time" through out the day as well as a few ideas that mothers can do on their "me time".

What is "Me Time" for moms?

"Me time" for mothers is a time where they solely take the time for themselves. Do not worry about the kids, the chores, the everyday household task. Mothers just take the time for themselves. Mothers can do what every they want to do on their time, as long as they can relax and destress. This does not have to be expensive or elaborate. This can be anything from doing scrapbook for a few minutes to cooking an amazing meal for the family. As long as moms feel relaxed while doing it. Me time can be a few minutes to a week long vacation. Whatever time mothers can get to themselves to feel relaxed they should take it.

How to find "Me Time"

Mothers understand that finding anytime for themselves can be difficult. Mothers can lose themselves in doing chorse and forget to take a break. Mothers don't forget your breaks, you need them. Do not find time in the schedule, make the time. Mothers "Me time" does not have to be a whole day or a vacation. What ever time mothers can get alone and way is enough. Just finding 10 minutes in a day to get away from doing chores is enough time to do a hobby you love to do or taking a walk around the block. If you want a longer me time, having relatives or a babysitter can help with that. Not only this can extend your me time but also create a bond with relatives and trust with other adults.

Some "Me Time" Ideas

1. Play your favorite tunes and dance to it!

This is the time to let it all out! Music releases stress and dancing to it is also a great source of exercise.

2. Take a Nap

Getting a few ZZZzzzs is not a bad idea. Find a quiet spot where only you can go and lay back and get a few minutes of rest.

3. Cook or Bake Your Favorite Dish

If you love to cook or bake, whether it is for you or for the whole family. This is a great way to kill two bird with one stone. Cooking to some can be very soothing. Find a dish or item you want to make, and cook or bake it. It doesn't matter if the family like it or not, remember you are doing it for you. This is your time. If the family loves your dish then this is a plus because you cooked food for the family and spent some time to yourself.

4. Make Time for Exercise

Join a Yoga class or a gym membership. If you do not have that much time in a day, take a jog or walk around the block or do yoga at home. Take at least 10-30 minutes a day to get your heart pumping. This will help release stress and keep your mental sharpness up when getting back doing chores.

5. Visit the Salon, Spa or Pedicure

Sometimes there are moments when you just want to pamper myself with a new hair style, massage or pedicure. If I have been stressing big time, go the extra mile and do all the above. Whether it is getting a new hair style or getting a deep massage. You earned it and you deserve to spoil yourself. Beauty time is all about you. Personal care is very important boost ones self confidence. Take the time to look great for yourself or even your husband.

6. Girls night out

Whether meeting up with your best friend for a coffee date, organizing a group happy hour or getting together with a sewing buddy to work on a project, this adults-only social time will be a welcome respite from kid-focused activities.

7. Date night

If you get a chance to go out with your husband and spend some quality time away from the kids, DO IT! Date nights a great way to spend time with the husband you love and he appreciate that you considered him on your time off away from the kids. This can also strength the relationship bond.

8. Take Up a Hobby

Take up scrapbooking, drawing, puzzles, gardening or photography. Any activity that you can get submerged into and get away from the stress of your chores at home.

9. Movie night or Netflix Bing

When everyone is asleep take some time to watch a movie or a show at home. Just be aware that you need sleep too. So if you are watching a movie keep track of time and know how many minutes you are allowed to watch before going to bed.

10. Coffee or Tea break

As you continue your chores around the house make sure you take a small break in-between and sit down and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. Do not think about your chores, read a book instead or watch Netflix while you sip your coffee or tea. Give yourself a time limit as to how long your break will be but tell yourself that you will make the best out of your time and the best coffee or tea you ever made.

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