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Protect Your Skin and The Environment this Summer!

We love the sun! But everything in moderation, right? If you are like me, you search for the most effective and least toxic products to keep your family safe and healthy. I highly recommend EWG (environmental working group)'s article on protective sunscreens here . Oxybenzone section especially has some concerning information when it comes to absorbing into the skin and affecting hormone systems, in children especially.

Its effects are not limited to people either. There have been findings of sunscreen chemicals in the water that affect the hormones of fish to the point of certain fish changing gender! Marine biologists find this particularly disturbing, because it results in fertility issues and threatens the longevity of that species of fish.

Here is a great illustration on the key points to consider with choosing the right sunscreen for you (and the ocean). One of which is the time needed for the sunscreen to start "working." If the instructions for use says "apply 20-30 min before sun exposure," chances are it's relying on toxic chemicals rather than safe minerals.

If you want to know specific brands that are safe for you and your family, you can refer to the EWG link and website for adult and baby sunscreens that they have found to be safe. Personally, I use Pipette and California Baby for my little one (and sneak some for myself too!).

TIP: Mom hack that I found that really works for applying sunscreen on babies painlessly is to use a foundation brush! It makes sunscreen smoother, more even, and less of a struggle, especially on my little one's face!

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