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Nutriclear Plus: Our Office Cleanse Results Are In!

We have researched and tried several different cleanses, and after our last cleanse option changed its products, we had to look for a new cleanse to provide for our patients.

I have high standard and research heavily into cleanse products. For me, they not only have to be high quality ingredients, incorporate real food, but they have to perform. That means they need to actually improve the function of the body. On top of that, I look for ease of use, in that a cleanse has to be doable for someone to finish. Of course, cleanses take effort, but the end result should be attainable. My frustration with some cleanses are that they can be so short that they don't produce long term results, they might have additives that can do more harm than intended, or they are so difficult that people give up in the middle of it and/or don't get the desired results they were looking for.

We did use a cleanse from Nutragen, that I really liked because it was all organic, loose powder, tasted decent, and relatively simple. The problem was that Nutragen was bought out and their products slowly started to disappear. It made me turn towards other high quality supplement brands and their cleanse options. In doing some research, I got interested in Biotics Research Nutriclear Plus cleanse. It is a pharmaceutical grade supplement company that uses all natural based ingredients and is high in purity and potency. The cleanse is 15 days, with 2 meal replacement shakes with supplements and one regular meal a day. Because we need to KNOW before we can recommend anything, we ended up asking a handful of patients to beta test the Nutriclear Plus cleanse along with myself and my staff.

First Impressions

The first thing that I noticed was that everything was so straightforward and conveniently packaged. Inside the box, the supplements and powder for making shakes are already portioned in individual packets along with a shaker and instruction manual. The manual includes a list of approved versus non approved foods to eat that's organized by sections that you would see in the grocery store. They say for the food that you should get organic when possible and add that you should be drinking around 2L of water as well. There's even sample meals and menus that are suggested for the 15 days! Some patients also commented on how convenient the packets were, especially when they were on the go. No muss, no fuss.

How We Tested

We had a total of 9 patients as well as myself do the cleanse, where we had to follow it to a T for 15 days. We had a health questionnaire that each person filled out before and after the cleanse was completed. The questionnaire was an in-depth set of symptoms for each system of the body where it asks for a numerical value of frequency for each symptom that the person experienced. The higher the number, the more severe and frequent the person suffered from the symptom. They also did a weigh in before and after as well. Here is the chart of the results!

The pink line is the questionnaire score for each patient prior to starting the cleanse and the blue line is the scores for each patient after the cleanse. As you can see, across the board, all the numbers decreased! That means that after the cleanse, they experienced less symptoms and less frequency of those symptoms!

If you are wondering, we did have the patients do a weigh in before and after as well and the average amount of weight loss was about 4-6 lbs.

Pros and Cons

With feedback, the general consensus said that it was surprisingly tasty, and the convenience of pre-packaged serving sizes were greatly helpful in making the shakes routine. Some people also mentioned they liked how it guided them on what they should be eating and what they should be avoiding so they could keep that in mind even when the cleanse was done.

The biggest criticism was complaints of digestive discomfort. Some people experienced gas that was uncomfortable and inconvenient (sometimes that can be embarrassing at times!), and others noticed some diarrhea for a few of the days. Others noted temporary fatigue. For several people, this was their very first cleanse, and they found following a diet to be very hard.

Final Thoughts