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The Microbiome, Cravings, and You

"The microbiome is more medically accessible and manipulable than the human genome" and "it is thought that 90% of diseases can be linked in some way back to the gut health of the microbiome".

There has been a rise in research and understanding of the relationship between the gut microbiome and overall health. From mood to brain function, the gut has been coined the "second brain" because of how important microbiome balance is to well being.

So much so, that the microbiome is linked with spinal degeneration of the disc! In the study titled Gut Disc Axis: A cause of Intervertebral disc degeneration and low back pain, "According to the existing evidence, the microbiome could be an important factor for inducing and aggravating IDD (Intervertebral disc degenration) through changing or regulating the outside and inside microenvironment of the IVD." This is key to keep in mind especially for how it can apply to the Gonstead work and chiropractic care we provide.

Did you know?

Your cravings are controlled by your gut! Certain gut flora require different types of food matter to survive. Good bacteria need non soluble fibers (like the peel of your apples!), but bad bacteria like yeast and candida need sugar and breads. If your gut flora is healthy and in balance, you shouldn't experience cravings... or at least your cravings should be under your control. Conversely, experiencing intense cravings like wanting that dessert after each meal is an indication of the bad bacteria dominating the gut flora.

What to do

Probiotics would be a great first step. Fermented foods are the best source of natural probiotics. Apple cider vinegar, kimchi, and kombucha are all examples of fermented finds you can easily add to your diet. I just recently started to add sauerkraut to my daily diet (Costco has organic sauerkraut in huge tubs for easy access).

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