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Chiropractor Santa Clara CA Jennifer Liu

Chiropractor Jennifer Liu D.C.

Dr. Liu has always had a desire to help people and a thirst for knowledge. Before earning the title of DC, she started her educational path as a premed student. While interning at a highly reputable hospital, she soon realized that the allopathic medical model was not a good fit for her. Seeing the current state of mainstream medical care prompted her to shift her paradigm and seek more vitalistic ways to become and stay healthy.

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Chiropractor Santa Clara CA Jennifer Liu Adjusting InfantThrough years of experience volunteering her services on annual chiropractic mission trips to Guatemala since 2009 and practicing in San Diego and New York amongst great colleagues and mentors, Dr. Liu believes that chiropractic care is the best thing you can do to help your body. She also gets tremendous gratification in helping people to not only reach but surpass, their health goals.

She continues to be inspired by her patients and the power of chiropractic in Santa Clara, where she opened Element Chiropractic Wellness and continues to practice today.

Experiencing the Gonstead Technique
A pivotal moment in Dr. Liu’s career was her first exposure to the Gonstead Technique while she was in her doctorate program at Southern California University of Health Sciences. Although she had no pain or discomfort, she immediately felt the difference a specific adjustment can make. It literally put a spring in her step when she got up! She quickly discovered that chiropractic could help with more than pain- it can give a better quality of life. She has since dedicated her time and efforts to sharpening her skills to deliver that same experience to her patients.

Staying Active in Santa Clara
Outside the practice, Dr. Liu has co-founded Tanaka Chiropractic Missions, a non-profit organization whose goal is to spread quality chiropractic care across the globe. She volunteers her time with coordinating the trips and attending them annually.

When she is not working or volunteering, Dr. Liu stays active by exercising with her dog Rocky on sunny days, snowboarding during winters, and dancing mambo. On quieter days, she tends to relax with paper crafts, perusing farmer’s markets and journaling.

Chiropractic Santa Clara CA Melissa Chiropractic Assistant

Melissa Flores - Chiropractic Assistant

Melissa is enthusiastic about chiropractic and focused on keeping patients on track to a happier, healthier them. From your first point of contact to your last happy wave goodbye, she’s sure to make your time in our office a great experience. She loves making people feel at ease, and is happy to answer any and all questions, so don’t be shy!

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As a freelance artist Melissa has years of experience in providing quality.

“The most important thing is a person’s satisfaction, knowing that at the end of the day someone is happy with something I’ve done for them is my everyday goal.”

Chiropractic Santa Clara CA Lindsey Faxon Chiropractic Consultant

Lindsey Faxon - Chiropractic Consultant

Chiropractic philosophy is who I am. It is a conviction of mine. No matter who I am speaking with I make it a point to bring up chiropractic in a conversation. I want to teach people that chiropractic can only benefit you. I love walking into an office knowing that we are extending someone’s life and improving their way of living.

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Once someone says that seeing this office is the best part of their day that becomes the best part of mine. It’s about turning everyBODY’s power on. How many lives can we change through chiropractic?

“Lindsey is a rare coach…a strong sense of chiropractic philosophy/soul purpose, a rich background in success principles/training, and a long background in practical office experience. If I wanted someone with purpose and compassion to guide me and the office forward with accountability, Lindsey would be on my very short list.”
– Guy Riekeman – President of Life Chiropractic College

Chiropractic Santa Clara CA Dr. Brett Axlerod Chiropractic Consultant

Dr. Brett Axlerod - Chiropractic Consultant

Dr. Axelrod is passionate about staying up-to-date on the latest chiropractic research, insurance issues, political concerns, and success philosophies. He loves to share what he has learned with other chiropractors to help them reach their full potential.

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He leads through example, not only inspiring his team and his colleagues, but his patients as well in his high volume practice. Serving his patients and community also extends to regular workshops held in-office to help educate them on a variety of health-related topics.


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