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"Is it Too Late to Correct My Posture? Exploring the Benefits of Posture Correction at Any Age"

Two of the most common questions I get asked by new patients are: "How did I get this way?" and "Can my posture even be corrected at this point?" Often, people come to a chiropractor as a last resort to resolve pain that is unrelenting and/or structural concerns that have been going on for months to even years. My job is to play detective and find the underlying cause and address that so we can restore the vibrancy of life to people. More often than not, I discover that a problem has been present for much longer than we have realized.

Movement is life, and without movement, our lives are severely limited. That's especially true when it comes to the back because of the spine and nerves that live in there. We look heavily into posture and positioning because it is a sign of stress on the body and those delicate nerves. It's also why we need to address issues and concerns earlier than later. Not only does it save you and your loved ones' time and money, but more importantly it allows you to reclaim your lives faster! (I can't tell you how many times I've heard patients say "If I knew I could feel this good, I would have come in a long time ago... I wish I knew this sooner!")

Sometimes we see in examination the evidence of an underlying problem that is more chronic, like degeneration on x ray, large postural distortions, etc. That's where that second question comes in, where people wonder "Am I too far gone? Is it too late for me? Can that even change?" The one thing that I cannot do is see the future. However, I am of the opinion that if there is joint space, there is hope. I also know that the more specific and focused we are in a goal, the higher our chances of reaching that goal.

That being said, we have seen some pretty great changes in our patients who are in their golden years! Some went from using walkers to going out dancing and some just are now able to enjoy their day with less fear due to less pain and more stability and strength. Many are able to be more active and social, which if you read our article on age-proofing your brain, is essential for reducing chances of dementia.

Of course, in order to have the best outcome, we need to have a thorough investigation into where your starting point is. From childhood to seniors, what dictates our quality of live is our spinal health. Whether you are concerned for yourself, your parents or grandparents, or your children, we are ready to help guide you to perform at your best together!

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