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What to Expect

In our office, we find precision and customization in patient care comes from detailed examination and analysis.  It is important to us to be thorough, but concise.  We perform only what is necessary and leave out what isn't.  We also take a team approach to your health, with you as the most important team member!  We will always take the time to explain what we need to do and why, and will always ask your permission first.  Below is a step by step guideline on what to expect when you first come to our office.


Gather Information

On first visit- This is where we provide a consultation, detailed examination and take any necessary imaging like x rays.  During our consultation we will ask questions to learn more detail about the timeline of any particular health issues.  This helps determine if yours is a chiropractic case and if we would be a good fit to help.


Set Goals and Expectations

On first visit- If so, then we establish goals and expectations. From there, we perform a comprehensive examination that includes posture analysis and various functional tests to see symmetry and overall performance.  If warranted based on examination, we would perform x rays.  It does take us time to analyze all the information so we ask patients return on the following visit to review the interpretation of what we gathered.  This first visit takes approximately 45 minutes.


Curate Treatment Plan to Reach Goals

On second visit- This is where we go over the findings and use what we learned from our deep dive on the first visit to determine what we suspect the problem is originating from.  This is the best time for any questions that you may have.  We also go over a lot of information, so we find it's most helpful to bring a significant other or household decision maker to this visit.  After showing the findings, we review the goals and curate a plan that fits within time and budget.  Often the first adjustment in our office is during this visit.  The second visit takes approximately 35 minutes.


Follow Plan and Track Progress

On third+ visits- The decision to follow the treatment plan is based solely on the person it was intended for.   From here, we continue working with patients by providing the care they need in office and giving them recommendations outside of the office.  We then monitor progress with follow up exams and follow up x rays as necessary.   Once patients are happy with the changes we have made, we transition them into a wellness/prevention model, where we provide a checkup once a month.

Importance of Initial and Follow-Up Assessments to Monitor Progress

Front Posture
Side view comparison
cervical comparison

What People Are Saying

Super friendly and encouraging staff and effective treatment. I came here after my back started to hurt.  The entire team is very professional and guided me through my journey.  Highly recommend!

Alli Z.

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